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BUGS FOR BREAKFAST helps middle-grade readers understand the important role insects fill in feeding people around the world. Along the way, this nonfiction STEM book will help curious readers learn:

Cover of book BUGS FOR BREAKFAST with jars of insects and a skillet filled with bugs.

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  • About regional insect specialties and traditions.

  • How nutritious insects can be.

  • How dining on bugs can help the environment.

  • How making small changes in their own

    diets could help ensure no one goes hungry.

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The word entomophagy comes from the Greek: entomos means “insect” and făguein means “to eat.” Technically, a person who eats insects is referred to as an entomophage. Ready to add bugs to your menu?

Mary has written more than 65 nonfiction books for young readers. She’s always happiest when she learns new things while researching books. For example, did you know that scientists studied a bird called the kingfisher to design a high speed train that was both faster and quieter?

Meeting with readers – especially students – is one of Mary’s favorite things. She loves talking about her books, answering questions, and leading writing workshops. Here’s how to find out where she’ll be and what literacy- related days she’ll be celebrating.

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Artwork representing a push pin
Artwork representing a push pin
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