(Real) Ants on a Log

I grew up eating Ants on a Log. We had them at school, at home, at picnics. Ours were always made the same way: celery filled with peanut butter, topped with raisins (AKA ants). It was the perfect snack, containing veggies, some protein — plus, they were easy to make.

My mind was blown when, as an adult, I learned not everyone ate my version of Ants on a Log. Some had substituted cream cheese for peanut butter. Others used carrot sticks or apple slices as logs. Still others had swapped out raisins in favor of nuts or dried apricots. To each his or her own, I thought. I preferred the traditional.

Until now.

I was making myself a little snack recently when I had a light-bulb moment. What if instead of using raisins as ants, I used ANTS as ants?

Thanks to all my entomophagy experiments, I just happened to have a tin of black ants in my cupboard. They’re from a Maine-based company called Entosense. The company’s literature warns that ants “have a strong taste for their size.” They do have a citrus taste and, though they’re tiny, they’re definitely crunchy. I didn’t find a lot of “whole” ants in my batch, but rather many recognizable ant parts.

Super simple: I washed and cut celery stalks into three-inch sticks, filled them with creamy peanut butter, and sprinkled them with ants.

And so, there you have it, a new take on Ants on a Log.