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Six Questions with Jennifer Buchet

Jennifer Buchet has the gift of the Irish gab, so answering only six questions was a challenge! She’s an award-winning author, a feature contributor for Faces magazine and a pre-kindergarten educator who delights in making her kiddos laugh. Little Medusa's Hair Do-Lemma is available for purchase at:, Barnes & Noble: and Amazon. Visit Jennifer's website to learn more about her and her work. You can find Jennifer on these social media platforms:

X (Twitter): @Yangmommy

Post: @jbuchet

Blue Sky: @buchetbooks

1. What three things bring you joy? 

Only 3? Well….here’s a few things that never fail to bring me joy:

  • A hike in the woods on a crisp, fall day with a luncheon of apple, bread, cheese, & some prosciutto. 

  • Turning up the tunes in the car & singing my heart out! Yes, I’m that funny-looking blonde behind you singing out of tune to her best ability and loving every off-key note!

  • I’m also a bit mischievous….I make my family hunt for their birthday gifts via a very difficult treasure hunt. One clue leads to the next and some are, of course, easier to decipher than others!


2. How do you know your idea will make a good book? 

I don’t! And I wish I did. Sometimes I start writing and I know it’s going to be a piece of a larger story.  After years of studying & learning from others, I now understand (and hopefully employ) key ingredients to creating a bestselling book, such as story readability, re-readability and creating enticing page turns and chapter-ending cliffhangers. 


3. What was the most challenging thing you faced while writing/researching this book? 

When drafting Little Medusa’s Hair Do-Lemma, I embarked on mythological research, even though the original serpent-haired Medusa is world-renowned. I checked all kinds of sources and references but alas, no hands-on research in Greece (yet! ) I also wanted to know more about snakes, both in the wild and as pets. That was more difficult to do as I had to get past my squeamish feelings for snakes. Now I find them amazing! They’re not at all slimy and those cute forked tongues trying to smell the world….irresssssistabble!

4. Were you able to collaborate with the illustrator?  

I was very fortunate to collaborate with illustrator, Cassie Chancy. I instantly fell in love with her initial sketches of Little Medusa!  Once it came time to review the spreads, I could reach out to her and ask for this tweak or that cordrection. For instance, making sure that Addie the Snake didn’t have scary, pointy fangs. This isn’t always the way things happen, but I’m so grateful that it did for my first book.


5. Who should read this book? 

Everyone, of course! The obvious answer is that kids drawn to reptiles or mythology will enjoy this book.  Yet the universal themes of family traditions and being true to oneself is applicable to all readers, young and old alike.

6. What's next for you?

I'm working on several new picture books and chapter books, while also chatting about kidlit with schools, kids and fellow writers

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