How Might Insect-Based Protein Fit Your Lifestyle, Tastes?

Most Americans would rather squish a cricket than eat it, but we’re in the minority. Roasted grubs are a favorite in Australia, stir-fried dragonflies are a delicacy in Indonesia, and fried woodworms and grasshoppers can be purchased from Thai street vendors. Eating insects is a practice called entomophagy.

More than one-fourth of the world’s population eats insects. The United Nations estimates 2,100 species of insects and worms are being eaten in 113 countries.

Would you munch on meal worms or dine on dung beetles? Would you consider using cricket flour in your family’s favorite recipes? Think about the ways in which you could incorporate insects into your family’s diets. This Insect Coloring Sheet can be used with younger family members to get them thinking about how insect-based protein might fit into their lives.