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Critique: Picture Book Manuscript

Everybody thinks they can write a picture book ... it’s just 500 words or so. Sounds easy, but anyone who has tried, knows it is difficult to tell a complete and compelling story in so few words.

My picture book critique makes note of what is working well and highlights parts that need some polish. I make line edits and comments using the markups and comments features within MS Word, paying special attention to the story’s opening, arc, character development, and pacing. I look for places where you, the author, might be doing the illustrator’s job. And I ensure scene transitions are as smooth as possible. My critiques can’t guarantee publication, but they will help you fine-tune your manuscript to give it the best possible chance at attracting an agent or editor.

I have experience as an author, editor, and Rate Your Story judge. Picture book critiques are completed within 5 business days from submission. I do not critique rhyming picture books. Fiction manuscripts must be 1,000 words or less. Nonfiction manuscripts must be 1,500 words or less (not including back matter).

Cost $85

Add query letter critique for $25


Thank you so much for your thorough critique - fresh perspective beyond my critique partners is exactly what I needed. – D.C.

Wow! What a blessing you have been to me! Thank you. I will sit on your feedback for a couple weeks, do final tune ups, then start seeing if I can find someone who wants my story. – L.S.

Thank you for your time and deep analysis of my manuscript. I am very grateful for your thoughts! – C.S.

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