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Critique: Nonfiction Book Proposal

If you are getting close to submitting your nonfiction proposal to agents and editors and want it reviewed so you can make the best possible impression, I can help. I have experience as an author, editor, and Rate Your Story judge. I will critique your proposal plus the first three chapters (up to 6,000 words of your MS), focusing on:

Topic and hook. Is this a good idea? Is it framed in an interesting and fresh way?


Content. Is the writing audience/age appropriate? Is it interesting? How’s the pacing?


Expertise. Are you the right person to write this book? Have you thoroughly researched the topic? Have you presented yourself as the best person to write about this topic?

You will receive a candid critique of your proposal/sample chapters and, if necessary, clear recommendations to improve your pitch, so you can make the best impression possible.

Nonfiction book proposal critiques (middle grade to adult) are completed within 10 business days from submission.

Cost $225

Add query letter critique for $25

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